Publicaciones DADA

Publicaciones DADA Publicaciones DADA (Archivo Internacional DADA) 

Documentos originales escaneados en PDF por “The University of Iowa”  

391. Edited by Francis Picabia. Barcelona, New York, Zurich, Paris, 1917-1924. 19 Numbers

Aesthete 1925. Edited by Walter S. Hankel (collective pseudonym for Matthew Josephson, Malcolm Cowley, and others). New York, 1925. 1 Number.

Almanach der Freien Zeitung. Edited by Hugo Ball. Bern, 1918. 1 Issue.

Der Ararat. Edited by Hans Goltz. Munich, 1918-1921. 22 numbers.

Aventure. Edited by René Crevel. Paris, 1921-1922. 3 Numbers.

Blindman. Ed. Henri-Pierre Roche, Beatrice Wood, and Marcel Duchamp. New York, 1917. 2 numbers. (No. 2 called Blind Man.)

Der blutige Ernst. Edited by John Höxter, Carl Einstein, and George Grosz. Berlin, 1919. 6 numbers.

Cannibale. Edited by Francis Picabia. Paris, 1920. 2 numbers.

Le Coeur à barbe. Edited by Tristan Tzara. Paris, 1922. 1 Number.

Dada. Edited by Tristan Tzara. Zurich, Paris, 1917-1921. 7 numbers.

Der Dada. Edited by Raoul Hausmann, John Heartfield, and George Grosz. 1919-1920. 3 Numbers.

Die freie Strasse. Ed. by Raoul Hausmann and Johannes Baader. Berlin, Verlag Freie Strasse, 1915-1918. 10 numbers.

Littérature. Edited by Louis Aragon, Andre Breton, and Philippe Soupault. Paris, 1919-1924. 20 numbers; new series, 13 numbers.

Maintenant. Edited by Arthur Cravan. Paris, 1912-1915. 5 numbers.

(All contributions were written by Cravan under his own name and various pseudonyms.)

Der Marstall. Edited by Paul Steegemann. Hanover, 1920. 1 Double Number.

Merz. Edited by Kurt Schwitters. Hanover, 1923-1932. 21 numbers (numbered 1-24; nos. 10, 22-23 never published).

Die Pleite. Edited by Wieland Herzfelde, George Grosz, John Heartfield. Berlin, Zurich, Vienna, 1919-1924. 11 numbers in 10 (including double no. 10/11); includes Schutzhaft by Herzfelde, published in place of no. 2.

Projecteur. Edited by Céline Arnauld. Paris, 1920. 1 Number

Proverbe. Edited by Paul Eluard. Paris, 1920-1921. 6 Numbers.

De Stijl. Edited by Theo van Doesburg. Leiden, 1917-1932. 8 volumes (90 numbers).

Z. Edited by Paul Dermée. Paris, 1920. 1 Number

Zenit. Edited by Ljubomir Micić. Belgrade, Serbia, 1921-1926

Der Zweemann. Edited by F. W. Wagner, Christof Spengemann, and Hans Schiebelhuth. Hanover, 1919- 1920. 10 numbers.

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